Introducing cost-per-click campaign management with no hidden fees.

Allthetopclicks is an added value, free to use service for clients of Allthetopbananas.

Take advantage of this effective service and optimise your cost-per-click campaigns. Allthetopclicks is part of the Allthetopbananas Group, a leading software provider to the recruitment industry.

Over the past 12 years, Allthetopbananas has become the UK's 3rd largest job aggregation website, delivering over 3.5 million jobseeker redirects a month.

Be rest assured, when it comes to your CPC campaigns we’ve the experience and knowledge to help.

First of all let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits...

Grab a coffee and let us explain the method in our madness...

Grab a coffee with All The Top Clicks

How things have changed.

In January 2018, the industry changed dramatically with the UK's largest job aggregator removing the vast majority of job board content. This has now led to higher CPCs for all other job aggregator traffic, due to high demand and the competitive nature of the market.

This inspired us to launch Allthetopclicks.

Hidden fees.

Over the past few years Allthetopbananas have worked with many CPC campaign management agencies, all of which have charged a minimum 15% commission fee.

Due to this cost being absorbed within the total marketing investment this has reduced overall optimisation of spend levels, resulting in a higher cost per application to clients.

Green desk plant at All The Top Clicks

Now, let’s get you commission free.

At Allthetopbananas we have always strived to deliver the most added value to our customers. We have now invested in industry leading technology which will deliver the best results with no agency commission for campaigns on

We don’t just offer this service for, we can handle all of your current CPC marketing campaigns.

Here’s a run down of some of the great features...

Automated bidding and distribution.

Insights to candidate market-rate.

Simply connects with your ATS or CRM.

Easy to manage and saves time.

Dedicated client support.

Real-time analytics on your job ads.

“Allthetopclicks is an added value, free service for clients who use the site.

They can manage your entire CPC campaign across all other job aggregation websites.”